When you pray… say `Father`.

Some time ago I was talking with some people who were getting ready for a Christening and one of them said: “So what does a God-parent do then Vicar?” Well, it`s very easy for someone like me to get into a very long-winded answer so I said- “Well actually the most important thing to do is to pray for the baby”. Now, they looked a bit blank so I said “Do you pray?” Well, these folks and I had an interesting chat about all of this and we decided that when it comes to praying things really get started when you find yourself saying things like “Wow!” or “Help” or “Thank you” or “Sorry” and to begin with you`re not quite sure who you`re talking to……. We just found ourselves thinking about those moments when you just have to stop and you get the sense that there`s something important going on.

It doesn`t matter whether it`s an amazing sunset; the birth of a baby or the death of someone we love; we sometimes get the sense that we`re in touch with something a bit bigger than ourselves. A typical example of this is what happens when I ask couples why they want to get married in church. Very often all they can say is that somehow it `feels right`. They`re just wanting to express something that they can`t put their finger on…. But to them it`s just like a door opening. In other words you just get a sense that life is somehow a bit bigger or deeper.

So I wonder, how would you answer that question? I mean, do YOU pray? And what`s that like for you?  The really important thing is to remember what Jesus tells us. One day his disciples asked him about praying he told them very simply “When you pray, say “Father”. In other words when you find yourself saying things like, “Wow!” or “Help” or “Thank you” or “Sorry” remember that the one you`re turning to isn`t “The force be with you” or some old bloke sitting on a cloud. He`s one who is closer to you than breathing and who loves you dearly- just like your Dad- only much, much more so..….   Happy Father`s Day!

Pause for Thought. Lakeland Radio 15th June 2014                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            http://www.lakelandradio.co.uk/on-air/simon-yaxley/



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