Senior moments

About three days after the birth of our little daughter. We all climbed into the car- off to see grandma to show off the latest grandchild. I`d just turned on the car engine when my wife and I looked at one another and realised- yes, we`d left the baby in the house. We all laugh about it now… but we still wonder how we could possibly forget the baby….

Now I`ve reached the age where I can just about blame my poor memory on what we call `Senior moments`. And we all have moments like this don`t we? On the one hand we just feel daft but there`s a serious side as well isn`t there?

I mean, remembering things like anniversaries, birthdays or someone`s name shows that we care or not. And not being able to remember can leave us feeling really on the edge of things…. because so many of our conversations and our friendships rely on the sharing our memories, and the need we have to revisiting happy or not so happy moments.

Now, this month there is an awful lot of remembering going on. It began with what we call the Feast of All Saints where we remember the great heroes of the Christian Faith. And that was followed by `All Souls`. A time when so many gather in church to  remember and give thanks for those who have died during the past year. And of course, we still remember the fifth of November so, perhaps you`ll have been to a firework party or bonfire event. But perhaps this weekend you`ll also join so many across the nation as we quite rightly honour and promise to remember with gratitude those who gave their lives during time of war.

This month tells us how important remembering can be. So, some of us write lists. Some of us use electronic devices. Some of us tie a knot in our hanky. I still occasionally write things on my hand. It`s messy I know but having left the baby behind I don`t want to take any chances. And I really laughed when I came across this verse from the Bible. It seems that God doesn`t want to take any chances either. The Lord God says to you and me:

Can a woman forget her child, or show no compassion for the child of her womb? Even these might forget, yet I will not forget you. See, I have written your name on the palms of my hands.   (Isaiah 49.15-16)

Lakeland Radio 10.11.13


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