The World of the opinionated?

They tell me (endlessly) that “This must be your busy time of the year.. Vicar”. I`m actually quite touched that people notice the haggard look! Seriously, it`s never that bad and quite energizing really. One can`t do everything, so I`ve just agreed with myself to give up on the usual stuff and concentrate on the unique stuff that happens around this time of year. However, I have noticed a difference between Christmas and Easter. Somehow even after the rigour of Lent I feel strangely lifted and enthused. At Christmas – well, yet again I succeeded in falling asleep yesterday afternoon: the only time of year this happens.

Welcome to my Blog, by the way, good of you to spend a moment with me. I`m not sure where it will all go but I`ve been promising myself for some time that I`ll begin a `journal` of some sort. Hope it makes some sense..



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